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Policies and Procedures to Integrate e-Government Services with E-Governance

A Collection Database Management System to Minimize Collectors

E-Governance Strategy in Tunisia

An Enterprise Archicture Framework for the Ministry of Foreign Trade - Egypt

Security Assessment of the ICT Infrastructure - Central Bank - Georgia

Security Assessment of the ICT Infrastructure of Customs - Costa Rica

ICT Strategic Plan for the Electoral Tribunal - Bolivia

ICT Strategic Plan for the Electoral Tribunal - Panama

ICT Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Labor - Costa Rica

An Integrated Financial System for the Government - Panama

Assessment of the Banking Operations and Possible Improvements -  Central Bank - Armenia

Assessment of the Legislative Systems in Russia

A Case Tracking System for the Supreme Court - Panama

Lessons Learned in the Implementation of the Last Mile Initiative Project -  Peru

Improvements to the ICT Infrastructure for the Supreme Court - El Salvador

Assessment of the Property Compensation Bonds  - Nicaragua

Assessment of the ICT plan for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Nicaragua

Analysis of Information Requirements for the National Assembly - Nicaragua

Information Needs of the Special Investigative Unit - El Salvador

Evaluation of the Customs System - Costa Rica