Finance and Economic Development

APEC Secretariat

Technical consultancy to Nathan Associates Inc., to evaluate the ICT component of the APEC Technical Assistance and Training Facility Project for the APEC Secretariat in Singapore, and conduct an IV&V of the USAID-funded project.

Technical and management support to the Intergovernment Solutions (IGS) technical team to support immigration, customs, and airport operations in Paraguay and Colombia.

Evaluated software to support Banking Supervision, a product developed by Information Technology Consultants (ITC Inc of Bethesda, Maryland).

Southern Africa


In Regional Center for Southern Africa, provides quality assurance to the Rolling Stock Information System (RSIS), a regional initiative to maximize the use of trains, locomotives, and wagons to transport cargo in the region.  This 12 million dollar project includes the deployment of telecommunications, hardware, software and applications in 7 participating countries.




Evaluated functional areas of the Ministry of Planning(Coordinating Unit), to support the implementation of economic policies.  Conducted an information needs assessment for the Inter oceanic Regional Authority (ARI) to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) supporting the reversion of properties in the Canal area, preserving the Canal watershed.  Evaluated the Canal Transition Commission information needs. Evaluated programs to support the mission and objectives of the Office of Census and Statistics.  Evaluated the information technology component of the Financial Management Reform Project to implement an Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) in institutions of the Government of Panama.  Prepared work plan to implement the IFMS system, consolidating accounting and financial data from 134 governmental institutions.

For the Inter-American Development Bank and Government of Panama, provided technical coordination of the Economic and Fiscal Management Modernization Program of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.  Coordinated projects worth $12 million including development of a new foreign trade system, process reengineering and development of information systems and procedures in the Treasury and Tax Administration.  Developed informatics infrastructure for the Ministry, and developed and installed the Integrated Financial Administration System of Panama. Developed the Strategic Information Plan for the Ministry of the Treasury.  Evaluated the Integrated Financial Administration System. 




Prepared a cost/benefit analysis of the Private Enterprise Development Project.  Evaluated critical information requirements of ten major offices under the Ministry of Economy.




Conducted an assessment of the Property Management Project aimed at improving the management of information used in compensating property owners for confiscation under the Sandinista Government.  Evaluated alternatives to establish a reliable information source to support the payment of compensation through government bonds.  Assisted the Project in developing a systems concept to support  the conversion of certificates  to a new single value  bond instrument to pay for properties confiscated.


Conducted an information technology requirements analysis for the Ministry of External Cooperation to manage and monitor projects sponsored by Non-Governmental Organizations.  Evaluated critical programs of ten governmental ministries and institutions and recommended IT infrastructures to alleviate critical information limitations. Conducted an IT Strategic Planning Seminar for the Superintendence of Bank. Integrated the Financial and Auditing System (SIGFA) and evaluated options for the development approach. Supervised the execution of the Integrated Financial System (SIDIF) customization contract.

Provided technical assistance to the EU-funded Innovation and Competitiveness Program in Nicaragua to Strengthen SMEs throughout the use of tecnology.  Designed and conducted workshops and seminars to promote marketing and business planning for micro-and small businesses.

Costa Rica   



Evaluated prototype systems to improve the efficiency and control of the National Customs Service.  Evaluated the implementation of operational systems and procedures for the National Customs Service.


Conducted an Information Strategic Planning workshop for the National Customs Service.  Studied U.S Customs/Miami operations to identify possible transfer of technology to Costa Rican Customs.  Evaluated Guatemalan Customs system (SIDUNEA) and determined the feasibility of its implementation for Costa Rican Customs.


Conducted a Security Assessment of the Customs Information System, identifying system vulnerabilities and recommending policies, strategies, and procedures to improve system security.


Conducted an Information Technology Assessment for the National Federation of Cooperatives to support the implementation of financial information services throughout 52 cooperatives and six subsidiaries using the existing telecommunication infrastructure in Costa Rica including X.25 public packet switching.




Evaluated the Electronic Interbank Payment System of the National Bank of Ukraine to identify critical information components to maintain the current system operational.  The assessment included five key system components: functionality, security, communications, hardware, and support software.  


Evaluated the Subsidy Program and identified information technology resources to facilitate the implementation of policies by local subsidy offices and to monitor their impact.




Evaluated the Payment System of the Central Bank of Armenia and assessed the telecommunications infrastructure to implement an Electronic Interbank Payment System.  Assisted the Project in defining Statements of Work to support implementation of the proposed telecommunications solution.



Evaluated the Administrative and Financial Management System of the Ministry of Health of Honduras.